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Strong, Independent, Beautiful But Broke

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How many of you keep tell yourself – ‘I am a strong, independent and beautiful woman?’ Just too many of us have to tell that to ourselves because no one else would bother telling us that because we all are wrapped in our own little bubbles in our own worlds. We all need extrinsic validations to make ourselves feel better contrary to popular self help books. Here are few pointers to help you in achieving the validation you desire.

Don’t let being broke dictate you

Broke here implies financially being broke. When you are trying to be independent, then it means you are constantly in a state of being broke. But, don’t let being broke dictate what to do and what not to do. This does not imply you should start getting things on credit and be unable to repay them and drown in debt. You can find things that are affordable at the same time cheap. For example, if you buy womens dresses online Australia instead of going to stores and outlets because you can find a lot of dresses from different websites in the same time it will take for you to visit one single outlet.

Don’t have to lose your sense of fashion

When you are facing the world on your own, trying to establish yourself, you might have to cut down on some guilty pleasures like buying a paperback and try to get a free reading app on your phone. However, you do not have to necessarily cut down on your fashion and your style. In the current internet age, you can find cute things like womens coats online for cheap prices if you hit the right websites. You can also find everything online with great discounts. However, it is important to make sure you do not start going on shopping sprees. If you are interested about womens winter jumpers online you can visit this website

Don’t lose your standards

This is one thing; you need to apply to every aspect of your life, from fashion to people in your life. When a woman wears the right clothes and right make up, she would feel powerful and pretty. This applies to everyone. Just because you are broke does not mean you have to lower your standards. With the amazing world of wireless networks, you can find whatever you need with few taps on your keep keyboard (including crazy stalkers).

However, it is important to know there is a difference between being a little lenient with yourself and extravagant. You should make sure to be vigilant with your money as much as you should live for the moment does not mean you should not think about the future. Money management is one of the most important aspects of living independently. However, it is not weak to ask for help when you are in trouble.